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The Cove

Jack , our wonderful owner

The vision of our owner is bar none, the tireless effort to bring to fruition a location that everyone can gather, share memories, and have access to the best entertainment , food , and drinks that this island has to offer…look no further! A true native to this island Jack has the peoples hearts and minds in his thoughts everyday, and strives to bring you all the fruits of his efforts so that locals and people who call this island home, or even just for a visit, will have a great venue for all their needs whether it be a family night out or just a good ol get together with your best friends, we welcome you to join our Cove family and have your next great memory on us!         Sal Pro - General Manager   Our fun loving general manager is the best around!  He has been in the industry for years , and customer care is something he takes with great pride! Have no fear when Sal is near, let him handle any of your questions or concerns , if there is anything you need Sal is your go-to guy! His level of professionalism is a breath of fresh air that you can rely on. Chef Mike Experience the amazing prowess of this culinary mastermind! Chef Mike has over 30 yrs. in the industry and has worked at some of the most loved restaurants around such as The Knife and Fork, Rams Head Inn and many more!  His dedication and passion shine through on the first bite! Let Chef Mike along with his amazing culinary team take you on a journey of exquisite taste that will always bring a smile to your face!